LyonHacks Season II

Virtual Hackathon | This event ended on April 17th, 2022.

A full 78 hours after we started on Friday, our hackathon is officially over! Whether you picked up a new skill, explored some programming concepts, or just messed around with your friends, we hope everyone has had an enjoyable time during LyonHacks II!

With that being said, our judging team has finished reviewed all your submissions, and we’re excited to present…

Top Projects of this year’s LyonHacks II:

Grand Winner: Medibase

Runner Up: GroupLearn

Third Place: Code Depot

Audience Favourite: Klok

While not winning may be discouraging, we hope you all continue to hack and create! Our judges were thoroughly impressed with the creativity and complexity of your submissions, and look forward to seeing you at next year’s event!


About LyonHacks

Welcome to LyonHacks II, a 48-hour hackathon!

LyonHacks II will start on April 15th at noon and will end on April 17th at noon.

A hackathon is a programming competition that challenges teams to design and pitch a software application to our panel of judges. During LyonHacks II, teams will create a code-based project that falls under one of the themes, to be released at the start of the competition period. The hackathon will also feature workshops and guest speakers to help build useful skills.

All Ontario middle and high school students ages 13-18 are invited to compete, forming teams of up to 4 students. In addition, there will be more than $250 in prizes to be won, generously sponsored by the Educational Computing Organization of Ontario!

Have any questions or concerns? Feel free to join our Slack at or email us at!




Accessibility Projects

Things to help the blind, deaf, etc.

Educational Tools

Things to help students learn or to help teachers facilitate classrooms.

Self Improvement

Things to help one improve their work ethic, mental health, etc.

The Event

More information about the event and specific rules can be found in our rulebook. Make sure to check it out, at some point or another!

There will be a selection of themes for the event, which will be announced during our opening ceremony. For more information about submissions, check out our Devpost! This will be the platform where all submission-related material will be handled.


Feel free to join our community Discord server here!

This server will be an unofficial hub for community discussion related to LyonHacks II or other related hackathons. Feel free to ask for help!

Please bear in mind that this server is NOT AFFILIATED with MCPT or William Lyon Mackenzie CI. During the actual event, workshops and other events may be mirrored to this server for viewing purposes only. The event itself and all interactive components will be facilitated on other platforms.

Our Organizers

Jeremy Liang

Hi, I’m Jeremy, a grade 11 student at WLMCI and an executive here at MCPT. I’ve done hackathons since grade 9, and I’m honoured to be one of the workers behind the scenes for LyonHacks! For this event, I worked on the AI and Machine Learning workshop along with Hazel.

Justin Lu

Hey, I’m Justin, a twelfth-grade student at WLMCI and a Vice-President of MCPT. I first started competing in hackathons two years ago, and I’m excited to now be bringing you LyonHacks! Specifically for this event, I helped plan out the event and coordinated the promotional materials.

Kenneth Ruan

Hi, my name is Kenneth. I am a twelfth-grade student at WLMCI and serving as Co-President of MCPT. My team and I are very excited to present you with LyonHacks! As an event creator, I oversee the logistics for the event and will be a part of the judging panel.

Ronald You

Hey, I’m Ronald, a twelfth-grade student at William Lyon Mackenzie CI. I am currently a Vice-President of MCPT and one of the designers of this amazing event, LyonHacks! I am responsible for the main planning and logistics of the hackathon alongside Ben.

Ben Zeng

Hello, I’m Ben, a twelfth-grade student at William Lyon Mackenzie, Co-Vice President of MCPT’s Learning Branch and am proud to present to everyone LyonHacks, our biggest event yet! Ronald and I lead the designing and structuring of this hackathon and oversee the platform for our workshops and activities.

Hazel Guo

Hi! I’m Hazel, an eleventh-grade student at WLMCI and an executive at MCPT. I’ll be working on the AI and ML workshop with Jeremy. I’m thrilled to be able to help with LyonHacks including judging submissions.

Jimmy Liu

Hey, I’m Jimmy and I’m an eleventh-grader at William Lyon Mackenzie C. I. I’ve been competing in hackathons since the start of high school, and I’m excited to help judge the hackathon and provide a web development workshop along with Vlad.

Vlad Surdu

Hello! My name’s Vlad and I’m a 12th grade student at William Lyon Mackenzie CI. Jimmy and I will be hosting a workshop covering the basics of front-end and back-end web development. I look forward to seeing all the amazing projects!