Game Dev Workshop

Resource page for game development workshop hosted by MCPT Learning Branch.

A two-part series teaching you how to create a dodging game. No previous experience is required, so whether you’re a beginner to game-development or have tons of experience, you’ll be able to enjoy the workshop. Get started by visiting the workshop pages and downloading the attached files below to learn how to create a dodging game in Processing.

Part 1

What you’ll learn:

  1. Player movement
  2. Projectile generation
  3. Moving created projectiles

Head to Part 1 to learn more!

Part 2

What you’ll learn

  1. Collisions
  2. Controlling levels
    • projectile speed
    • amount of projectiles generated

Join us on February 27th at lunch in room 222 for the second part of the workshop!

Further Learning/Useful Sites: