Lyon Hacks III

William Lyon Mackenzie’s Annual Hackathon!

Virtual Hackathon | This event ended on April 19th, 2023.

We would like to thank you all for your participation in this year’s LyonHacks III hackathon. Many amazing, creative, and inspiring projects were made within these 60 hours.

After careful consideration, our judges have compiled their list of winners. Without further ado:

Winners of LyonHacks III:

Best Overall: DevLink

Runner-Up: Spodissey

Most Functional: Gerald

Theme-est: Focus Cat

We would like to congratulate all our winners, as well as everyone who participated. There were many amazing projects so you all should be proud of yourselves. Once again, thank you to everyone for participating and we hope you gained valuable experience and skills from this event, We hope to see you again next year in our next LyonHacks!

About LyonHacks III

Welcome to LyonHacks III, a 60-hour hackathon!

LyonHacks III will start on April 7th at noon (12:00PM EST) and will end on April 9th at 11:59PM EST.

A hackathon is a programming competition that challenges teams to design and pitch a software application to our panel of judges. During LyonHacks III, teams will create a code-based project that falls under one of the themes, to be released at the start of the competition period. The hackathon will also feature workshops to help build useful skills.

All Ontario middle and high school students ages 13-18 are invited to compete, forming teams of up to 4 students. In addition, there will be many prizes to be won, generously sponsored by Project Metropolis!

Have any questions or concerns? Feel free to email us at!




  1. Productivity (ie. Momentum)
  2. Spice Up Your Life (ie. rainmeter)
  3. Travel/Exploration (ie. trivago)

Remember that you are free to interpret these themes in any way that you’d like!

The Event

More information about the event and specific rules can be found in our rulebook. Make sure to check it out, at some point or another!

There will be a selection of themes for the event, which will be announced during our opening ceremony, April 7th 12:00PM EST. For more information about submissions, check out our Devpost! This will be the platform where all submission-related material will be handled.